Basic Training in Kingston

June 1st-4th – Kingston

Documentation etc.

June 4th-7th – Kingston

Anti-gas training

June 8th – Kingston

Inoculation T.A.B. 1

A.T.T. 1


June 10th – Kingston

Started infantry training. Italy in War-some windows smashed in Kingston by soldiers.

June 11th – Kingston

Gloves stolen. Later (2 weeks) recovered at police station.

June 14th – Kingston

Pay parade.

June 15th – Kingston

T.A.B. 2

June 16th – Kingston

Bert [?] & Brown & I went to Ottawa with Capt[ain] Veitch.

June 17th – Kingston

France quits. Mrs Campbell arrived from Regina with children.

June 20th – Kingston

Route March to Kingston Mills. Lunch on road. Cold & rainy. About 16 miles all told.

June 21st – Kingston

Bren Gun Instruction started.

June 22nd – Kingston

T.A.B. 3

June 26th – Kingston

Lectures in military Law from Major Taylor. Miniature range in evening.

June 27th – Kingston

Strated map reading.

June 28th – Kingston

Pay parade.


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