Borden and Farnborough

October 31, 1940

October 1st – Borden (Tue)

Bert Campbell to go to No. 1 Ordnance Field Park but will stay with G[eneral] H[olding] U[nit] until he has finished helping L[ieutenan]t Grandjean with checking unit stores. Major Perry, O[fficer] C[ommanding] Gen[eral] Co[mpan]y to go on leave to-morrow & leave me in charge of orderly room. One alarm in early part of night. Weather still fine. Moved from small room at back of Portman Cottage No. 2 to large front room as Major Morrison to have small one, Closing No 1 Portman.

October 2nd – Borden (Wed)

Received 1st letter from Renie – No 7 written Sept. 4. No word of first six letters. Send radiogram (& paid return) – “Seven arrived to-day others missing-Love Denney”. 2 alarms – one in morning – one 20.00 hrs. Letter from Aunt Bee.

October 3rd – Borden (Thu)

Rainy weather. Had rubber soles & heels put on boots for 5/6. Received No. 6

letter from Renie. No alarms.

October 4th – Borden (Fri)

Rainy weather. Received No. 8 letter from Renie. Two alarms.

October 5th – Borden (Sat)

Weather fine. Went to Selbourne on foot with McKinnon. Saw aged church & 1200 year old yew tree. Could buy no meal during alarm so bought biscuits & ate them on way back. Arrived back at 7.30pm. Quite tired. Two alarms.

October 6th – Borden (Sun)

Very wet day. Took Communion at 7.20am. Bert Campbell went on leave. Father McCabe took Hammie & I to picture show at 6.00pm. Col[onel] Devey arrived with a unit from Canada. Wrote to Renie, Rogers & Harry Murray. No alarms.

October 7th – Borden (Mon)

Weather fine. Two alarms. Heard from Grandjean that MacKinnon & I likely to be attached to No 1 Ordnance Field Park. Had rifle drill for Lieuts.

October 8th – Borden (Tue)

Weather showery. MacKinnon on ranges with Major Morrison in charge. Major Perry returned from leave. Lecture in Garrison Theatre by Air Marshall Sir Phillip Joubert on our air force which was very good. One alarm at night.

October 9th – Borden (Wed)

Weather showery. Wrote to London University re degrees in education. Obtained permission from Major Perry to go to London to see Col[onel] McQueen. Received letter from Aunt T[hirza ?] with 7 snaps which I sent to Renie. One alarm from 7.30 – 11.30 at night.

October 10th – Borden (Thu)

Weather very showery. Left for London by coach bus at 8.10am (6/6). Arrived 11.15. Took Omnibus (2D) to C[anadian] M[ilitary] H[ead] Q[uarters] [?]. Saw Col[onel] McQueen who after interview arranged to send me to 2nd Div[ison] H[ead] Q[uarters] to understudy Major Downes the A.D.O.L. [?] 2ND Div[ision]. Ate lunch with L[ieutenan]t Cannon across the street from Canada House at Officers club – only 1/6 for good meal. Went up Strand and saw damage to St Martin’s on Strand & Law Courts. Purchased map of Pembroke (3/-) & England (5/-) from Phillips, 327 Fleet Street. Phoned Lucas’ & got Raymond. Everyone OK in that area. Returned to Victoria Coach Station & had tea & left Borden at 5.15. Arrived back 8.15pm. Just then Bert Campbell returned from leave & had Eddie Hill (L[ieutenan]t) from Regina with him. Hill is with R[oyal] A[rmy] S[ervice] C[orps] & had just returned from hospital & leave. Three alarms. Received a telegram from Renie & also a letter, a letter from mother & one from Harvey Anderson. Lost my gloves somewhere in Farnham when changing buses.

October 11th – Borden (Fri)

Phoned McQueen, Col[onel] re fast move & also Downes, Major. Instructed McKinnon in Orderly room duties. Capt[ain] Bell came to take Bert to the Field park & I rode as far as Aldershot & saw major Downes & got material for study until mydemand goes through. One alarm. weather bright with hoar frost in morning. Went to Lille Barracks to see Harry Murray & found that he was away on leave.

October 12th – Borden (Sat)

Studied material from Maj[or] D[ownes]. Three short alarms. Party at mess very good.

October 13th – Borden (Sun)

Studied. R[oyal] C[anadian] A[rmy] S[ervice] C[orps] 96 O[ther] R[anks] & 4 Officers arrived in camp-2 in my room. Long night raid. Visited Windsor.

October 14th – Farnborough (Mon)

Drafted to 2nd Div[ision] H[ead] Q[uarters] to be learner in A.D.O.L.’s [?] office. Major Downes not very pleased as he had not been notified of my coming. Introduced to Maj[or] Gen[eral] Odlum by Col[onel] Wiekes [?] who was very pleasant – shook hands asked few questions & said good-bye after welcoming me to 2nd Div[ision]. At present I am only attached here. Put in “C” mess – sleep in front room (sort of parlour) – meals in same b[ui]ld[in]g. Food A1. Three alarms – one very long night raid over London. Wet weather.

October 15th – Farnborough (Tue)

Up at 7 & walked to 2nd Div[ision] H[ead] Q[uarters] Offices. Did nothing all day but observe Maj[or] Downes at work. Bridge in evening – lost 1/6. Two day alarms. One on now. Weather wet.

October 16th – Farnborough (Wed)

Weather wet & damp. Visited No. 3 Provo[st] Company & No. 2 Pioneer Bat[talion ?] R[oyal] C[anadian] E[ngineers] to interview them re deficiencies. A.D.O.L/ rated my work as excellent. Sent cable to Renie with my new address – 15 words for 6/3. One alarm.

October 17th – Farnborough (Thu)

Weather fair. Officers from 2nd A[nti] T[ank] Regiment called in office re m[otor] T[ransport]. Reported Harry Murray doing fine – took my regards to him. Major Downes not feeling so well. Went to N[avy] A[rmy] A[irforce] F[orces] I[nstitute] show in evening – free to Canadian Officers at Garrison Theatre. One alarm.

October 18th – Farnborough (Fri)

Weather foggy & rainy all day. I was given charge of War Diary for A.D.O.L office, and also a signature for impressed account. I walked to H[ead] Q[uarters] & back twice – 4×1.5 miles = 6 miles and feel fine for the exercise. One alarm and a bomb dropped somewhere in neighborhood & shook everything in our mess.

October 19th – Farnborough (Sat)

Weather beautiful. Went to Holding Unit, Bramshot & M[otor] T[ransport] Depot, Borden with Major Downes. Found that McKinnon had been attached to Field Park at Epsom & that my mail had been forwarded to 2nd Div[isional] H[ead] Q[uarters]. One alarm & some bombs in vicinity.

October 20th – Farnborough (Sun)

Weather perfect. Stayed in office al day alone – M[a]j[or] D[ownes] came in at 5pm. Walked to & from H[ead] Q[uarters] both times as I have done for the past few days. Will continue to do so, weather permitting. One alarm – no bombs by 10.00pm.

October 21st – Farnborough (Mon)

Weather rainy. Major D[ownes] at C[anadian] M[ilitary] H[ead] Q[uarters] – left me in office. Only one warning in evening. Garrison theatre in evening.

October 22nd – Farnborough – (Tue)

Weather simply lovely & warm. Received loads of ail including 2 letters from Renie & 4 bundles of papers from her. Raid warning lasted nearly all nght long. Ans[wer] from London University.

October 23rd – Farnborough (Wed)

Weather cold & foggy. Rec’d two more bundles of papers. Saw “Convoy” & “London Can Take It” at Empire Theatre – excellent. Only one short alarm after supper.

October 24th – Farnborough (Thu)

Weather cold & foggy. No alarm but planes overhead after supper & at mid-night. Send application form for PhD. to London “U”[niversity] Institute of Ed[ucation] – temporarily at Nottingham – on account of air raids in London, I guess.

October 25th – Farnborough (Fri)

Weather quite cool. Major Downes ill in afternoon. I OKed all indents with proper authority. One alarm – still on at 11.15 [pm].

October 26th – Farnborough (Sat)

Weather cool but fair. Major D[ownes] back at work. I have to-morrow off. Although no alert had sounded after an all clear at noon, about 1.30, a German Bomber dived through the clouds & dropped 2 H[igh] E[xplosives] & an oil bomb. The gravel & dirt fell on our mess – Ellen [?] House – 2 blocks away. No one was hurt as bombs fell in ground between 2 houses – fairly large craters. Much machine gunning & AC AC [Anti Aircraft] fire accompanied the action. Later we heard the Dornier had been destroyed by spitfires. The blasts fairly rocked our mess & broke windows in houses over a block from its crater.

October 27th – Farnborough (Sun)

Weather very fine. Not up till nearly nine. Had day off. Went for walk in morning & again in evening. Three alarms – one still on. Some AC AC fire nearby.

October 28th – Farnborough (Mon)

Weather cool. Captain Lake D[?]A[?]D[?]O[?]S[?]-O[?] returned from convalescence at Garnons, Hereford. Two alarms. Few bombs in distance.

October 29th – Farnborough (Tue)

Weather very fine. Working on vehicle discrepancies. Wearing serge as batman fixing anklets with new green blanco. Went to Garrison Theatre with Bradley. One alarm.

October 30th – Farnborough (Wed)

Weather fine. Have been working on vehicle discrepancies for six days now. No alarms. Major D[ownes] moved into other office. Meighen, Lake & I have our own table each in room together.

October 31st – Farnborough (Thu)

Weather very wet. Completed report on vehicle discrepancies. No alarms.