Settling down at Farnborough

November 30, 1940

November 1st – Farnborough (Fri)

Weather fine. One alarm. Went to Garrison Theatre & heard Lloyd Shakespeare & his band.

November 2nd – Farnborough (Sat)

Weather wet. No alarms. Major Downes & Capt[ain] Meighen off for weekend.

November 3rd – Farnborough (Sun)

Weather still wet. No alarms. Went to see Shirley Temple in “Poor Little Rich Girl” – very good.

November 4th – Farnborough (Mon)

Weather showery. One short alarm. Gas alert practice – wore respirator for 1/2 hour. Bought 4 sheets for 18s[hillings]. Saw Edward G Robinson in the “Magic Bullet”. Sent Renie ordnance branch. Capt[ain] Lake went to C[anadian] M[ilitary] H[ead] Q[uarters] & ordered me a purse for Renie – also bought me cap badges. Bought four unbleached cotton sheets for 18/-.

November 5th – Farnborough (Tue)

Weather showery. Went to Garrison Theatre – not so hot. No alarms but planes over during night. Invitation for 2nd Div[ision] Officers to Holloway College for tea & dance on Sat[urday].

November 6th – Farnborough (Wed)

Weather very fine. Stayed in in evening. Rec[eive]’d No 18 from Renie – it took 18 days to get here. One alarm – planes overhead now.

November 7th – Farnborough (Thu)

Weather very good. Went to Garrison Theatre – park [?]. 3 alarms.

November 8th – Farnborough (Fri)

Weather rainy – one alarm. Went to Royal to see vaudeville with Phyllis Dixie.

November 9th – Farnborough (Sat)

Worked in morning. Off for weekend. Went to Holloway College with some 15 other Officers of 2nd Div[ision] for tea & Dance with ladies – 3.30. Went to Slough for another dance with some of the college ladies after the tea. One alarm. Weather wet until late evening.

November 10th – Farnborough (Sun)

Stayed in all day until evening when some of us went to Grey Fosters & Wheat Sheaf at Egan to take ladies from Holloway College to dinner. Meal the bank [?] – cost me £1/6 for meal for myself & lady. Saw a Mr White from Saskatoon at Grey Fosters Inn. Back at C Mess by 10.30pm. No alarms. Weather wet until evening.

November 11th – Farnborough (Mon)

Weather very wet & cold. Started my work on court of inquiry re loss of 28 bayonets & scabbards by Essex Scottish. Went to Farnham & had excellent coffee with Capt[ain] Lake. Visited field Stores. One alarm. Letter from London U[niversity].

November 12th – Farnborough (Tue)

Weather rainy. One alarm – big moonlight raid on Coventry. Saw “North West Passage” at Scala Theatre.

November 13th – Farnborough (Wed)

Weather fair. Two alarms. Went to H[olloway] College in evening.

November 14th – Farnborough (Thu)

Weather rainy. One alarm.

November 15th – Farnborough (Fri)

Weather showery. No alarms.

November 16th – Farnborough (Sat)

Weather showery. No alarms. Golfed at cove [?] with Padre McLean during afternoon. As no car called for us went to Cameron High[landers] Officers’ Mess & had dinner & met Dr Robson. Went to Holloway College & thence to dance at the Riviera at Maidenhead.

November 17th – Farnborough (Sun)

Went to Oxford & saw Prof[essor] Clarke re education study. Made tentative arrangements to study administration in Eng[lish] schools. No alarms. Weather beautiful until night – then heavy rain.

 November 18th – Farnborough (Mon)

Weather wet. One alarm – Garrison theatre.

November 19th – Farnborough (Tue)

Weather wet. One alarm lasted until early morn[ing]. Went to S.S.R. Garrison Theatre.

November 20th – Farnborough (Wed)

Weather fine. Went to Holloway College for farewell party for Lolly Nacht [?] who is leaving for Brazil. One alarm – night.

November 21st – Farnborough (Thu)

Weather wet. One alarm.

November 22nd – Farnborough (Fri)

Weather fine. Night long alarm.

November 23rd – Farnborough (Sat)

Weather fine. Saw my name in C[anadian] A[rmy] S[?] F[?] Routine orders for extra pay while working in A[?] D[?] O[?] S[?] office, H[ead] Q[uarters] 2nd C[ana]d[ia]n Div[ision] from Oct 14/40. One short day alarm, one long night alert.

November 24th – Farnborough (Sun)

Weather beautiful. One short night alert. On duty all day with Major Downes. Had coffee at Royal Holloway College with Tom Brown (M[a]j[or]?).

November 25th – Farnborough (Mon)

Weather fine. No alarms. Phone call from Miss Miller of Hobson’s that she is mailing my Xmas present to Canada (Renie & boys).

November 26th – Farnborough (Tue)

Weather fine. One night alarm.

November 27th – Farnborough (Wed)

Weather frost. One night alarm.

November 28th – Farnborough (Thu)

Weather frosty. No alarms.

November 29th – Farnborough (Fri)

Weather foggy. One alarm. worked at Field Stores. Dinner at Officers Mess, R[oyal] A[rmy] O[rdnance] C[orps].

November 30th – Farnborough (Sat)

Weather foggy. One night alarm. Party at Mess for Capt[ain] Simmons who left for Div[isional] Sig[nal]s Mess. Girls from R[oyal] H[olloway] College & No 5 C[ana]d[ia]n Gen[eral] Hospital. Not in bed before 5am. fog so bad that we could scarcely move with cars. (At F[ie]ld Stores in A.M.)