January in Farnborough.

January 31, 1941

January 1st – Farnborough (Wed)

Worked all day. Rec[eive]’d parcel from Mrs Elsom & papers from Renie. Weather cool & clear – no frost. No alarms up to 10.00pm.

January 2nd – Farnborough (Thu)

Rec[eive]’d Leaders [Regina papers] Dec 4, 5 & 6 & Star Weekly Dec 7 from Renie. Weather cool, bright & a little frost. One early morning alarm & one after supper. Col[onel] Townesend visited Ord[nance] 2nd Div[ision]. Alone in office for most of day.

January 3rd – Farnborough (Fri)

Weather much colder – about 20o above zero. Plumbing frozen in office toilet. Elles House nice & warm. A skiff of snow – quite a lot at coast. Wore leather jacket under battle dress. Developed slight head cold. One alarm after supper. Bought 100 watt lamp for studying – 2/6.

January 4th – Farnborough (Sat)

Weather freezing all day. One night alert. Received parcel from Renie with pyjamas & coffee dripolater, 1lb coffee, 2 small cans milk & chocolate bars.

January 5th – Farnborough (Sun)

Received Nos 53, 57, 59, 63, 64, 65, 66 from Renie. A letter from Harold & one from mother. Weather cold. One night alert

January 6th – Farnborough (Mon)

Rec[eive]’d letters Nos 60, 61 & 62 from Renie & 3 bundles of papers. Weather cold & roads very icy. In London – Acton – 3 daylight alerts. Feeling tough due to cold & ‘flu condition. Snow at night.

January 7th – Farnborough (Tue)

Ground covered with snow – roads very slippery. Very foggy & dull all day. No alerts.

January 8th – Farnborough (Wed)

Snow all melted. Weather warm & damp. No alerts by 8.00pm.

January 9th – Farnborough (Thu)

Weather warm. Night Alert – 3 batmen killed in Lille Officer’s Mess by bombs &one Welshman in Blenheim B[arrac]ks.

January 10th – Farnborough (Fri)

Weather fine. No alert.

January 11th – Farnborough (Sat)

Weather mild. Night alert – second fire raid on London – failed.

January 12th – Farnborough (Sun)

Weather mild. No alerts.

January 13th – Farnborough (Mon)

Weather cooler. No alerts. Had hair cut. Major Downes went on Leave.

January 14th – Farnborough (Tue)

Weather cooler. No alerts. Went to dinner at Hornes [?] with Lake in Guildford area – then to Red Crow [?] dance & back to Hornes for late lunch. Not home until 4.00am.

January 15th – Farnborough (Wed)

Snow & fog. No alerts. wrote to London U[niversity] Library for renewal of book & loan of Haddow report 1926. John Miller saw Mrs Aderly in Brighton.

January 16th – Farnborough (Thu)

Weather cool – snow did not melt except on the roads which became very slippery necessitating sand being sprinkled thereon. ONe alert from 8.00pm to 9.30pm.

January 17th – Farnborough (Fri)

Weather bright & freezing – snow still here. An alert in early morning – 2am/. Germans now known to be in Sicily with strong air-base from which they dive-bombed our Med[iteranian] fleet – cruiser sunk & aircraft carrier damage – our revenge, 40 junkers destroyed at German Sicilian base. On alert from 8pm to 11pm.

January 18th – Farnborough (Sat)

Heavy snowfall – mild & pleasant. Started to rain in evening – snow slushy. No alerts. Received statement of registration & 1st instalment of PhD fees from London U[niversity] – [pounds] 12-10-6. No alerts.

January 19th – Farnborough (Sun)

Weather mild and sunny – nearly all snow melted. Wrote to Chatwin re assistance for PhD fees. One alert in early evening.

January 20th – Farnborough (Mon)

Weather wet. No alerts.

January 21st – Farnborough (Tue)

Weather still damp & fog. No alerts.

January 22nd – Farnborough (Wed)

Weather drier. Still no alerts this week.

January 23rd – Farnborough (Thu)

Weather fine – sunshine for a while. No alerts.

January 24th – Farnborough (Fri)

Weather fine – fog in A.M. No alerts.

January 25th – Farnborough (Sat)

Weather fine. No alerts. On duty in afternoon – very busy.

January 26th – Farnborough (Sun)

Weather rainy in A.M. No alerts. On duty all day – very busy.

January 27th – Farnborough (Mon)

Weather rainy. As no alert today we can count a whole week without an alert.

January 28th – Farnborough (Tue)

Weather wet. Daylight alert for about 1/2 h[ou]r in afternoon.

January 29th – Farnborough (Wed)

Weather still wet – No alerts.

January 30th – Farnborough (Thu)

Leave arranged – 9.00 h[ou]rs Feb[ruary] 4 to 9.00 h[ou]rs Feb[ruary] 11. No alerts.

January 31st – Farnborough (Fri)

Made date to visit C[ana]d[ia]n Corps with Max on Sat[urday]. No alerts. Weather still very wet. Great many returns from units gives much office work.