March in Farnborough

March 31, 1941

Mar 17 Attended O[ther] R[ank]’s dance at Blenheim B[arrac]ks – only fair.

Mar 18 Cable from Renie thanks for [pounds] 23.

Mar 19 Visisted Harry Murray & had supper at his Mess (Lille). Visited 14th F[ie]ld Co[mpan]y R[oyal] C[anadian] E[ngineers] (& met M[a]j[or] Jones, O[fficer] C[ommanding], from Regina) to get def[?] 1098 for C[anadian] M[ilitary] H[ead] Q[uarters] Also saw Carpenter – took Harry along.

Mar 20 Gordon Rogers called at 2nd Div[ision] to see me.

Mar 21 Rec[eive]’d Renie’s Photo (lovely).

Mar 22 “C” Mess Party at Elles House – I arranged decorations, novelties & music.

Mar 23 Gen[reral] Odlum orders all officers at H[ead] Q[uarters] to walk 5 miles daily.

Mar 24 Prepared time study of Ord[nance] clerks at 2 Div[ision] as required by C[ana]d[ia[n] Corps. Mailed parcel with books for boys & scarf for R[enie].

Mar 25 Marked list of things for parcels as sent by Renie. (Return[e]’d in 185)

Mar 26 Had my photo taken in Farnboro'[ugh].

Mar 27 King & Queen visited 2 Div[ision]. I shook hands with both as did all H[ead] Q[uarters] Officers.

Mar 28 Thunder storm – lasted 3 h[ou]rs. Note from Aunt B[?] re serious illness of Gran Spencer due to fall.

Mar 29 Big celebration at “C” Mess in honor of “Joe” Lakes Ap[pointmen]t as D[?]A[?]D[?]O[?] 2 Div[ision]. Soda, bean & catsup fight.

Mar 30 Dinner at Wheatsheaf.

Mar 31 2 Div[ision] will go on 4 day scheme.

March Generally

Weather cool – much rain. Raids not very severe. A number of C[ana]d[ia]ns killed when bomb hit Cafe de Paris in London, among whom an engineer officer of 2 Div[ision]. Lease & lend bill will soon bear fruit.