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April 13, 1941

April 1st – Farnborough (Tue)

Quite heavy wet snow prevented 4 days scheme of 2 Div[ision]. Contacted L[?]’s by phone re Grannie.

April 2nd – Farnborough (Wed)

Almond blossom trees out in pretty pink blooms. Great naval victory in Mediterranean.

April 3rd – Farnborough (Thu)

Downes notified by C[anadian] M[ilitary] H[ead] Q[uarters] that I am to go on 2 weeks O[?] O[?] course at Bordon & that I would not return to 2 C[ana]d[ia]n Div[ision. Made greeting record which will be sent to Canada & heard in about 2 weeks.

April 4th – Farnborough (Fri)

Received sweater from Renie & 2 air mail letters – 161 & 163.

April 5th – Farnborough (Sat)

Congratulated upon work in 2 C[ana]d[ia]n Div[ision] by L[ieutenan]t Col[onel] Weeks, A[ssistant] A[djutant] & Q[uarter] M[aster] G[eneral]. I was to see Gen[eral] to be thanked re same by he did not reurn to H[ead] Q[uarters] in time. Gave 15/- to boys in Ord[nance] Office 2 C[ana]d[ia]n Div[ision] drinks.

April 6th – Bordon (Sun)

Went to No 1 G[eneral] H[olding] U[nit] for 2 weeks course. Burton & Campbell on same course. Took batman Hughes with me. Germans march against Yugoslavia & Greece. Brigadier McQueen at officers mess M[otor] T[ransport] Depot for week end. Saw him & Col[onel] Bailey there, also Chappin[?], Brown & Burton.

April 7th – Bordon (Mon)

Course proves to be a refresher common to all arms course not O[?] O[?] as stated when I received notice to attend.

April 8th – Borden (Tue)

Course consists of

a. Weapons training

b. Defence against gas

c. Foot Drill

d. Lectures on Military Education

e. Map Reading

f. Motorcycling

Went m[otor]/c[ycling] and got along very well.

April 9th – Bordon (Wed)

Had 6 mile route march in afternoon. Course proving interesting & a good break from grind of office work at 2 Div[ision].

April 10th – Bordon (Thu)

More m[otor]/c[ycl]ing. Climbed hills & drove over roughest cross-country we could find. rather tired & stiff after 3 1/2 hours of it.

April 11th – Bordon (Fri)

Visited Chappin [?] etc at M[otor] T[ransport] Depot – had supper there. Capt[ain] Rackert[?] said that he was told by Brig[adier] M[cQueen] that I am to go to C[ana]d[ia]n Corps.

April 12th – Bordon (Sat)

Classes in morning. Visited 2 Div[ision] & Farnborough in afternoon. My photos not ready. No dance to be held this week. Rec[eive]’d letter from Col[onel] T[?] at C[ana]d[ia]n Corps thanking me for vehicle card index system – he said that consideration was being given to using system at Corps H[ead] Q[uarters]. Weather cold for 1st week of course. Sweater very useful.

April 13th – Bordon (Sun)

Went to communion service at 11.00am. Rested all day. Weather warmer.